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Monday, 21 December 2009

KL.. Here I Come! (happy new year)

Hey, all. This day I will depart to Kuala Lumpur. but somehow, I do not know why I feel very boring. I should be happy now. My family will be leaving from our house at ten o'clock this morning. wahh .. I do not feel anything .. most likely I am sleepy.
hehe ..
go to kl for a half weeks. Greet the new year even in kl also. happy new year all! hope you all happy families as well as beloved. wahh!
emm .. a long time in kl. can not be online! waaa .. Farmville stay safe. I'll leave you to go a fairly long time. wahh .. addicted to playing games in facebook.

okaylah, meet again with you all later in 2010! hope you always happy with family, siblings, lover, or servants.
hahaha ..

many bitter and sweet memories that I pass in 2009. all will be memories that can not be overlooked. the new year will arrive .. we all have motivated new better than before. this new year I was motivated is to work hard! because in 2010, I was spm candidate! afraid to face the SPM!
okay, that's all from me. happy new year 2010!

p/s: sorie word tunggang langgang. ngantok time ni. English broken sangat2..

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