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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I'm NOT Perfect :(


I'm NOT perfect. Yeah, Everyone knows that.

I tried to change, but it is NOT easy as you think.

Maybe I was born to be Handicapped, born to be Humiliated, born to be Insulted.

I want to be like others.
I really2 Want!

Allah Has Mercy.

People always talk Bad things about me.

I Try to ignore them.

Unfortunately, My feeling is difficult to control.

I get angry quickly when insulted. I will be emotional!

when i'm angry. I start to blame destiny.

Stupid! stupid! stupid.

I always pray..

May Allah s.w.t punish and reward for acts they did to me!
Amin ~ ~

I May not perfect but parts of me are incredible!

P/S: Sorry guys. too Emo Right? but.. If I keep this feeling inside my heart. I think I will go crazy.
So the best way is just express this feeling before I'm getting mad.

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